Conditions of Employment


The General Conditions are designed to regulate the transactions made through the website

Also, the on-line services offered through this website is subject to the provisions of Legal Notice of the web. In the event of a conflict between it and the General Conditions, the latter will take precedence in any case.


For the acquisition of contracted services is required only to fill the order form with your personal and payment data.

Upon receipt of a Purchase Order, GELSINDOLOR send an immediate confirmation of your purchase to the email address indicated in the Purchase Order, which shall be deemed accepted by the customer to complete the purchase.

The acquisition of the goods must be made through the activation of SEND button that appears in the footnotes of the purchase request, and expresses the total acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions as displayed on the Web Prior to the acquisition of products, but are applicable to developments that may occur in the clauses of the General Conditions after.

From the time of acceptance, the user acquires the status of client GELSINDOLOR ue described in these Terms and Conditions ..

GELSINDOLOR guarantees the quality of the service contracted through the website

Are guaranteed all rights laws already ensure consumers and users.

Failure of any of these Terms entitles the customer to return the products or cancellation of the Services purchased by Customer.

Customer shall GELSINDOLOR once expressly accepted these General Conditions, confirmation of the contract made with all terms, via email.

GELSINDOLOR informs you that for legal reasons archived electronic documents that are formalized purchases.

The Customer undertakes to make proper use of the Services, without violating current legislation, nor prejudice the rights and interests of third parties.

The Customer warrants the accuracy of the information provided to complete the forms of contract, avoiding the causation of harm to GELSINDOLOR product of the incorrectness of the same.

Failure of any of these conditions may result in the withdrawal or cancellation

of the Services by GELSINDOLOR without prior notice to Customer and without giving entitlement to compensation.


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