4 units lot Gel sin Dolor Sport Forte II in Roll on

Helps to prepare the muscles and promotes recovery.

Special for athletes

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4 units lot Gel sin Dolor Sport Forte II in Roll on

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Set of 4 units of the Gel sindol-or Sport forte II in RollOn

Sindol-or Sport forte II, ideal for athletes

This is a product based on natural extracts for body massage, strongly soothing and immediate relief with hot/cold effect in circumstances of external muscle pain and joints by arthritis or arthrosis, sprains and / or sprains, simple back discomfort, sprains, muscle over-exertion, stiffness, contusions and insect bites (in the latter case rub vigorously with SINDOLOR).


Against fatigue and cervical discomfort (in some cases can relieve dizziness and vertigo): Massage with painless cervical area morning and night, leaving at night the neck wrapped in a woollen cloth several nights until the discomfort disappears.

Against lumbago, back discomfort, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc..: Massage the area with abundant product during 5 minutes, when finishing cover with a cloth of wool dampened previously with hot water (well drained) and maintain during 10 minutes. It will produce decongestion and immediate relief.

In case of inflammation: Massage very gently with spiral movements always starting from the center towards the ends to disperse.

In sport: Decrease muscle tone helping to avoid unnecessary tension after sport so you can avoid possible breakage of fibers, cramps, stiffness, sprains, etc..

  • Easy to apply, use it as many times as necessary.
  • It is applied with soft massages on the affected areas.
  • Suitable for professional use both manually and with suitable equipment.
  • Do not put in contact with eyes, mucous membranes or wounds.
  • Do not apply together with other products.
  • In gestation periods, apply only on the leg and arms.
  • In extreme cases consult your Specialist.
  • Can be used from 7 years.
  • This Product is not a medicine, it does not treat or pretend to cure illnesses.

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4 units lot Gel sin Dolor Sport Forte II in Roll on

39,96 33,95 IVA incl

In stock


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